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1st of all, e*Tool is a 100% native Windows application. It relies on e*Gate C API for registry operations and written entirely with C++.

  • e*Tool is much faster than e*Gate Enterprise Manager on registry operations !
  • Schema list and open schema file tree is permanent in Workspace.
  • Workspace's Schema View shows objects just like in e*Gate Enterprise Manager (participating hosts, bobs, e*Ways, collaborations, events, users etc.).
  • Integrated editor is able to retrieve a file from e*Gate schema repository and commit back with a single click.
  • Open schemas are cached in memory for instantaneous reopening! If you open another schema than reopen a previous one, you will see that e*Tool does not wait a second to terminate the opening.
  • You can export a schema with its repository files zipped. Zip file will contain a snapshot of the runtime files.
  • You can export all schemas from the registry with one click. This operation is for backing up your registry.
  • You can run a local control broker from context menus at any time while developing your schema. You don't need to type long command lines.
  • Pressing F1 on a monk keyword in the editor brings online help about it.
  • e*Tool comes with HTML Help support and Windows Installer.
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