e*Tool was born as the result of long development experiences with SeeBeyond's e*Gate®. Project's goal is to provide an integrated developing environment, just like classical development tools (i.e. Visual Studio from Microsoft).

e*Tool has been tested with e*Gate versions 4.1.x - 4.5.x (up to 4.5.3). If you use it with another version or have problems with a specific version, please let us know.

This application is not a replacement for any SeeBeyond product. It can not be used without e*Gate product as it must use some libraries from (DLL files used by the C API). It has been developed as an add-on to help developers.

You may use e*Tool for its editing capabilities. It supports syntax highlighting for SeeBeyond's Monk language, Java, HTML, XML, C/C++, Basic and Fortran. e*Tool transparently integrates editing files with e*Gate registry. This means that you can directly open a monk file from repository, edit it than commit the changes back to the repository.

You may also use e*Tool for its exporting capabilities. With one click on Registry View, a schema can be exported with its repository zipped in a file. You can even export all the schemas from a registry for backup purpose in one click from registry host's context menu.

There are lots of other features in e*Tool that you will discover while using. But as it is still under development, they are not guaranteed to work until a stable release.

Feel free to come back to this site to see the announcements and development progress. You may support the project by writing code, document, testing it or sending us your ideas.

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