How It Works
How It Works

Well, e*Tool tries to be compatible with e*Gate as close as possible in its design and its architecture. There is no tweaks or tricks for registry operations. We use e*Gate's C API files for communication. Registry objects and operations are encapsulated in C++ classes to make them more convenient to use in Visual C++ environment with MFC.

Besides Microsoft Foundation Classes, various libraries are used in e*Tool. They are all allowed to be used freely in Open source projects.

BCGControlBar library by Stas Levin (Version 4.73) is used for most of the user interface. This version exists in source form and is free of charge. Version 5 is now a commercial product (There is also a free software license called "Special Pack" for the new version). BCGLib contains many classes like docking windows or menus with bitmaps that do not exist in MFC. The library is slightly modified for our needs (Version 4.731).

The editor component comes from excellent CrystalEdit of Stcherbatchenko Andrei. We now use its successor TextCenter. TextCenter uses editing capabilities of CrystalEdit and promotes it to a modern programmer's editor with auto word completion, syntax highlighting configuration for many programming languages and user language support and more.

Another library used in e*Tool is ITCLibrary by Interface Technologies, Inc. It is an addition primarily to have button controls inside edit controls for property pages and better tree controls for display.

Zip file creation is done with ZipArchive library by Tadeusz Dracz. This library uses now GPL.

For other free sources used in the project please look at to the sources with their respective copyrights.

Details about compiling the sources and C++ classes will be added. Please come back later to get more information.

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