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e*Tool Version 0.5.0 is released!

e*Tool is a developer tool for SeeBeyond's EAI product e*Gate. Its goal is to provide an integrated development environment just like classical development tools (i.e. Visual Studio from Microsoft) with a syntax highlighting text editor as well as e*Gate Enterprise Manager-like features (schema object editing, schema import/export with repository, running control brokers, registry file check-in / check-out etc.). It's written using e*Gate C API with VC++/MFC and some 3rd party libraries (open source and other non commercial). e*Gate's C API is entirely encapsulated in C++ classes.

See e*Tool in action...


  • The only 3rd party add-on for e*Gate.
  • e*Gate Enterprise Manager like schema browsing.
  • Edit source files in a syntax coloring text editor with context sensitive online help (available for Monk).
  • Transparent repository check-in/check-out ! Retrieve files from repository into the editor and commit back with just one click.
  • e*Gate 4.5.x compatible Schema Export !
  • Execute registry operations such as schema opening much faster than e*Gate Enterprise Manager !
  • Native Win32 application
  • and more...

Latest release additions

  • New registry components such as connection points, collaboration maps.
  • Login history is kept between sessions.
  • Preliminary Windows XP support.
  • More property sheets and pages.
  • Module Log options may be changed in the registry!
  • Participating Host host name & domain may be changed in the registry!
  • You can browse repository files for property pages (executable, configuration etc.).
  • eBPM engines are now displayed in the Schema View.
  • Schema items are now sorted for easy navigation.
  • Drag&drop file editing.
  • Splitters for edit windows.
  • Context sensitive help for Monk !
  • Open/Save file dialogs for repository files.

Click here for details.

e*Tool is an "Open Source" project at Source Forge since 01/10/2002. It is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License (GPL). Get it for free !

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