2002-12-16 ian

Some unimplemented menu items are disabled or removed from menus. Release version is compiled and tested. Version 0.5.0 released. Website updated.

2002-12-07 ian
"Delete from sandbox" is finally working.

2002-12-03 ian
Workspace has a separate toolbar for each tab panel now. Toolbar items
and context menus are reorganized to reflect the changes. Registry view
"Export All" command ask for the folder where it'll create schema zips

2002-12-02 ian
e*Tool was not able to retrieve files in the root directory of a schema.
Bug corrected, it can retrieve now :)

2002-12-01 ian
Minor changes on code quality. e*Gate dlls are now delay loaded. Define
_ETOOL_NO_STCDLL_DELAYLOAD to disable this behavior.

2002-11-27 ian
IQ properties are improved. More tests required for iq types other than
std&jms. Some new e*Gate toolbar buttons removed since they are not did not pass
the tests yet.

2002-11-26 ian
IQ properties have been added, but not yet fully functional. IQ Manager
properties are completed including JMS support. However, iqm does not update
the registry for the moment. Small fixes and code rearrangement.

2002-11-24 ian
Finally Java collaboration properties added in collaboration rule and
collaboration property pages. Login dialog is now shown in the taskbar at
the program start before displaying the main window.

2002-11-21 ian
e*Tool is now able to update object properties in e*Gate registry !
Participating Host Properies (hostname & domain) are updated. Log option
dialog is also updating for all components. Other objects are on the way...

2002-11-19 ian
IQ Services and Collab Services property pages are now implemented. New
additions to registry objects.

2002-11-18 ian
Windows XP support is started. XP common controls are now used in e*Tool.
To work around some GUI problems, window tabs are moved to top. Maximized
MDI child window icons (at right side of menu bar) are modified a la look

2002-11-16 ian
Login Dialog works now totally including history support and some cosmethic

2002-11-15 ian
Log option button works on control broker and iq manager property pages.
Module threshold properties works on module advanced properties.

2002-11-14 ian
After a long break e*Tool work is restarted. Actually development was not
totally stopped but was done on a new tool called e*Manager. Updated common
parts of e*Gate API are now merged. e*Tool is now aware of more e*Gate
components like comments, connection points, collab maps, resources etc. A
major change will be updating component properties in the registry as in the
Enterprise Manager.

2001-12-05 ian

Upgraded ZipArchive to the new release 2.2b.
Added schema runtime cleanup. You can now clean your development environment
runtime generated files such as logs, iqs, status files with a single click
using your cleaning options. It's also easy to setup your prefered cleaning
options via cleaning option dialog.

Properties for Iq Manager now show its own properties correctly.

Double clicking brings now item properties for collabs, collab rules and
event types in Schema View.

Version 0.4.4

Lots of stuff about doc/view and general MDI App issues. Added statusbar
switching for edit windows. Added Full Screen mode to the application.

Added more registry functions to CStcRegistry class.

Log options added to modules. You may now press log button on advanced tab
of module properties.

Heavy modifications on doc/view architecture. We now support multiple
extensions w/1 doc type. Open/Save As dialogs are also enhanced with it.
Another enchancement is the Win2k common dialogs support.

Bugs introduced with 0.4.3 (TextCenter), "Open/Save As file dialogs were not
displayed" has been corrected. Resource instance handle problem.

MDI Tab windows added for editor windows easy navigation. Left mouse button
double clickingon tabs maximize/restore windows, right click brings context
menu for the tab where you can use close commands ( close all except is
useful ;) ), you can open the folder containing the file or minimize all
edit windows. Enjoy it!

Chevrons and customize button added to toolbars (Better looking toolbars!).
XML syntax added to editor (experimental).
Comment highlighting bug fixed for Monk (seen in etd files).
Aboutbox modified (bitmap and disclamer changed).

Files View has now options on what file to display: Just open schema, just
sandbox. The options are visible on the context menu of files. Schema and
StcDir classes are improved for these options on enumerations.

Added some bitmaps for menus, adjusted some menu items. Added more command
control for focused/selected objects to prevent unexpected crashes with
inadequate command execution (i.e. export on registry server name).

Files View refresh command now refreshes just schema files not the whole
schema.Files View context menu works.

Commit button on the main toolbar is enabled/disabled correctly.
CUID class improved. Added operators to simplify notations.
Homepage link corrected in the aboutbox.
Collaboration property displays now subscribe/publish lists.
Event type property window added.

2001-10-12 ian

Version 0.4.3

ChangeLog reformated for 80 columns using e*Tool's editor (Column markers
are very usefull):P

eBPM Engine module added to Schema View.

Edit button now works in Collaboration Rule Property Page. Once the button
is pressed, the file is open in an edit window, but the property sheet
remains in forground. We do not close it automatically since there may be
changes on object properties. Close it to start editing.

Refresh command added to Files View.

File unhighlighting in Files View works now when the file is closed.

New object CStcFileDialog has been added. It looks like filedialog in
Windows Common Controlsused to open/save files in applications. But it uses
remote repository instead of filesystemobjects. StcFileDialog is not
derived from CFileDialog (it will be quite more complex). It still supports
most of CFileDialog functionnality. See source files for details. It's used
in propery sheets for selecting config/monk files.

Minor improvements on CStcFile, CStcDir. They are moved from Schema.h/cpp to
separate files StcFile.h/cpp.

Schema View items are finally sorted. We do not respect exactly the same
sort algorithm as Enterprise Manager. I think we do it better with Iq
Managers as the 1st items in Control Brokers :)

Drag&drop accept files added. You can drag files from explorer and drop into
e*Tool to open them.

I was busy last few days to completely replace the old editor with a new
one. In fact, the new editor (TextCenter) is a successor of the old one
(CrystalEdit) with lots of new features.
Some highlights:
o Better syntax highlighting
o File Properties
o Syntax highlighting for C++/Java/Basic/HTML/Monk/Fortran
  (may be XML also ?)
o Auto complete
o Macros
o Goto dialogs (line, bookmark etc.)
o All language syntax configurable via syntax files.
o Better status line (line,column numbers, file type,...)
o Document menu for current edit options and operations
o and more...
Added splitter to child windows.

Context sensitive help added for Monk files. You may press F1 on a keyword
to get help now :)

Resource id collisions, e*Tool's ids are renumbered from 25000.

2001-10-11 ian

Version 0.4.2

Finally export with distant registries works with repository zip file
creation. Repository files are retrieved to a temporary directory from
remote server than compressed to zip file. This method is slower than direct
repository access on a local server. May be, we can consider to reuse it on
local in future to improve performance.

Another change is that now zip file contains full backup of runtime image
not just user's sandbox. Same rule applies to registry files view. We show
all files (sandbox+runtime).
I would like to use different colors for runtime file icons.
But unfortunately registry API does not tell us about the origin of the

ZipArchive library updated to its newest version 2.1.1. Created zip files
pass zip test in WinZip (folders were previously generating errors).

Collaboration Rule property pages improved (new registry object:
CStcTrMessage, some others are slightly changed). They show subscribed/
published messages at the right listboxes. We still need radio buttons for
pub propery page and double list management for both pub/sub pages.

2001-10-02 ian

Version 0.4.1

Upload of last sources to cvs.

2001-10-01 ian

Version 0.4.0

Personal developments goes Open Source! e*Tool is now an open source project
on SourceForge. Version numbering is changed from 1.4.2 to 0.4.0
(I don't want to let people think that there is a stable version 1 release).
Chunky VC project is restructured.

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