e*Gate is a robust software once installed for production. I find it more production oriented than development. While extensively working on e*Gate EAI projects, I was thinking about a development tool that may make developers more productive.

My 1st tool is born these days. I hate typing long command lines for e*Gate's command line tools. You have to type server name, control broker name, user name, password, schema name etc. This may be resolved by simple batch files, but during development, you also change many times the schema name (sometimes, you create many versions of the same schema). So, I created a small utility that can enumerate schemas from the registry and run its control broker in a DOS window. It saved me a lot of command line typing.

Meanwhile working with e*Gate schemas, I was making lots of backup of my sources as well as the schema itself. When you export a schema, you have to create a repository zip file yourself. I than added schema export and creation of repository zip file to my tool. It become the very 1st version of e*Tool :)

Another big problem was the lack of a text editor. e*Gate uses a collaboration rule and etd editor through an X Windows emulator (Exceed). Most of the time I used another text editor to edit my files. Than I ended up by adding a text editor to my little tool.

To have a syntax highlighting text editor helps development but does not eliminate the time you pass to get files from registry and commiting back the modified versions. You have to use many dialog boxes and have to click on many items with Enterprise Manager. The idea was to be able to retrive files directly into the editor and commiting files as if you were saving them to local files. This feature is also done in a recent version of the application.


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